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Since starting this blog, I have changed.  The world of blogging has changed.  I grab news headlines and I give you my opinion--and then I would like others to comment back to me.  I find that it will be easier to post and comment using versus this blog here.  It is with a heavy heart  that I end my blogging with blogger.

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Ballon Boy Parents to Start Paying Up

They are now going to pay $36T to Larimer County? How about the other counties? NORAD? FAA? various airports?
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The parents who pleaded guilty in the balloon boy hoax have agreed to pay about $36,000 in restitution to authorities who responded to the incident.

Larimer County Chief Judge Stephen Schapanski Tuesday accepted the agreement that prosecutors reached with Richard and Mayumi Heene, who weren't at the hearing.

The Larimer County sheriff's office and other agencies had sought $48,000 for responding to the Oct. 15 incident. The Heenes reported their 6-year-old son had floated away in a homemade UFO-shaped helium balloon, touching off a scramble of emergency responders.

The boy wasn't on the balloon.

The Heenes' attorneys had argued the couple should pay only a small amount in compensation.

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Who Would Have Thought She Was Right?

Wow! I did not think, not even under Obama, would this be true; but as our federal government moves futher from the constitution, the more it seems like this woman, for all intentions and purposes, is correct!
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